Snapchat for Business & Brands

25 Apr Snapchat for Business & Brands

When I started using Snapchat personally, I thought it might be cool to add it for my company KC Crew so that people could see different sports we offer and possibly promote some of my events. I had no idea it would be so popular because at that time I didn’t see any other businesses using it. A year later, everyone is using it. From local brands like Sporting KC, Chiefs and Ink to national brands like Express including their snapcode on coupons mailed to my house.

There are many features that would seem like negatives to a traditional marketer including disappearing messages, no outgoing links, limited time to tell a story and poor analytics but with 100 million daily users, Snapchat can’t be ignored.

Think outside the box for a moment and consider the positives. You will quickly see that the real, face to face, intimate feeling Snapchat gives a brand is very powerful. Not only are you engaging customers but you are empowering loyal customers to feel like they are a part of your business by seeing behind the scenes converting them into brand ambassadors.

I’m definitely not saying that Snapchat is the end all be all but it is definitely another weapon to add to your arsenal just like Instagram was when it became more popular. Create an account, give it a try and see what works. Happy Snapping.

Want to hear more? Come hear me speak at the Social Media Club of Kansas City‘s May breakfast.

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